11 Things to know about the weather in Sri Lanka before your visit

Willing to travel Sri Lanka?Then, to know about its weather is a must.

You know, it's the factor that affects 75% of your happy stay in anywhere. So, here are 11 facts you must know about Weather in Sri Lanka.

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Hope this post will help you in your journey in Sri Lanka.

1.Generally, days in Sri Lanka are nice and warm, with the bright Sun throughout the year.
2.Rain never text the Sun telling 'I'm up today. So you better get a leave'. So you better prepare for rain anytime.

3. The average temperature in Sri Lanka is around  26.5 °C to 28.5 °C which may change with few degrees when it comes to highlands and coastal belt.
4.Sri Lanka has 3 climatic zones as wet zone(Highlands),dry zone(coastal belts) and intermediate zone(plains).

5.Monsoonal and  Convectional rain accounts for a major share of the annual rainfall.

6. Sri Lanka also has four climatic seasons, not as spring, summer, autumn, winter, but as
                 1.First inter-monsoon season(March-April)
                  Warm and uncomfortable conditions,                                                                                              with thunderstorm-type rain , particularly during the afternoon or evening

2.Southwest monsoon season(May-September)
Windy weather

3.Second inter-monsoon(October-November)
The whole country experiences strong winds with widespread rain, sometimes leading to floods and landslides. 

Days full of sunshine and pleasant and cool night.

 7. Though the temperature of the coastal belt is high, sea breeze helps the area to be cooler;)

8.In central highland like in Nuwara Eliya frosting occurs several days in December.

9.When one part of the country suffers from bad weather the other part celebrates its best. Click here to check where is good when.

10.It says the best season to Sri Lanka is from November to March.
(but the festival season is from April to August)

11.But if you really like to witness all the colours of these festivals don't think twice to Come in offseason.Because when the one part of the country get sick of it's weather the other part get so healthy!

Hope you enjoy this!

So when would you be visiting Sri Lanka?

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  1. Interesting about the climatic zones/seasons. I did not know this about Sri Lanka.

    1. It's a pleasure to hear that you found something interest in here,Caitlin!

  2. Such interesting facts about Sri Lanka's climate. Good to know! Thank you. :)

    1. You are welcome Janna!Hope these facts will help you in your journey in Sri Lanka!:)

  3. instrument to measure wind speed and temperature, it is necessary to collect data of wind speed and temperature for accurate weather reporting, from where we can learn about the future condition of climate of country and world and people and government could take initiative.


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