12 Awesome reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Are you a person willing to travel another country and ended up with a list of countries in your mind or looking for travel inspirations for your next trip? Then, Keep reading to find out why you should select Sri Lanka as your next travel destination.

In this post, I'll show you, 12 reasons for you to visit Sri Lanka now.

Where is Sri Lanka...

Sri Lanka in the world map
Sri Lanka is a tropical island situated in Southeast Asia, surrounded by a beautiful coastline, in the middle of the Indian ocean, south-east of India. It's a home for diverse of religions, ethnic groups and languages. The majority of the country is Buddhist and the main language is Sinhala which is, only speak in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka goes with the theme of ‘sun-sea-sand’. Is that it?The answer is 'no'.

There are a lot of other reasons for you to pick Sri Lanka for your next trip abroad. 

Let me start with this small video about this amazing island.

 So why Sri Lanka?


The most reliable way to find the best.Here are some ranks Sri Lanka has gained in the past few year.

Dream trips 2016-Lonely Planet magazine 

Sri Lanka has been ranked  63 rd out of 144 countries in the travel and tourism competitive index, according to world economic forum.




 No. 2 of the 25 “Best New Trips for 2010,” -National geographic

2. Nice weather

Weather in Sri Lanka...... is great (!!!), as Sri Lanka is located near to the equator, still keeping a healthy distance not to be too hot.
Here it’s nice and warm. Before you move to the next reason make sure to check  these 11 Things to know about the weather in Sri Lanka before your visit

3. All in one

Sri Lanka is a tropical island that offers all in one package from impressive beaches to amazing tropical wildlife, so you can select what you want to do exactly in your vaccation, not what is in here. What you'll find here?

                          ·        A beautiful coastline with lagoons and bays

                          ·         Variety of geographic features

                                 rain forests (Eg-Sigharaja  rain forest)
                                 marshy lands(Eg-Muthurajawela)
                                 plains(Eg-Horton plains)
                                 mountains(Eg-Ella,Adem's peak)
                                 waterfalls(Eg-Rawana Ella,Devon waterfall)

                                      rivers (Eg-Mahaweli river,Kelani river)

                        ·        Wildlife and biodiversity
                                       (Eg- Kaudulla national park, Kumanabird's sanctuary)                                                                   
                       ·        Amazing history and heritage(Eg- Sigiriya,Polonnaruwa)                                                                                         
                       ·        Hiking and mountain climbing (Ella rock, Horton plains)                                                                                      
                       ·        Colourful festivals with all the fun and customs

                                        (Eg-Vesak festival, Kandy festival)

                        ·        Variety of climates
                        ·        Adventure zones
                       ·        Water sports(Surfing,water skiing,kite surfing,Diving,rafting)
and so much more!


As Sri Lanka growing as a good tourism spot, the industry has been enlarged, providing you with a good set of options in everything you'll be needing in your holiday in Sri Lank. Here, you'll find a list of things that make you happy, comfortable and entertain. Like,

     ·        Impressive hotels
     ·        Delicious food (Especially seafood and traditional food)
     ·        Comfort stay
     ·        Activities and arrangements
     ·        Shopping
     ·        Tours 

5. Affordable

Yes!Travelling Sri Lanka is really inexpensive when compared it with the travelling cost in the Europe and most of the countries in Asia.

6. Suit for any budget

The most important thing, Sri Lanka offer you a wide range of a price list from luxury to budget from a beer to an accommodation.

No matter you are looking for an affordable rest house or luxury hotels you can find the accommodation type you are looking for easily throughout the island. The Same formula is in charge with food and all the things you’ll need, making it is easy for you to select what goes with your budget.

7. People

Sri Lankans are well known for hospitality rich in warmth. In Sri Lanka, you'll find welcoming smiles everywhere who love to help you and guide you.

8. Lifestyle

Sri Lankan Lifestyle varies from region to region depending on their occupation, will let you experience things you’ve never seen before adding memorable moments to your trip. Such as stilt fishing, paddy cultivation, and local transportation methods.

9. Fine food

Sri Lankan cuisine influenced by Arabic, Malays, Portugues, and Dutch have a unique taste.Food in Sri Lanka always comes with the 'hot and spicy' theme, mainly includes rice and curry, a lot of side dishes and sweets will enhance your memories in Sri Lanka.


I don't say Sri Lanka is one of the cleanest countries in the world, but Sri Lanka is clean enough to not to make you feel any disgust during your visit. Most of the Sri Lankan care about cleanliness than most of the people Asian countries. People in here never spit inside a bus. So, I'm sure you’ll feel better here.

11. Thin Language barrier

If you are travelling alone, this will be the best reason to visit Sri Lanka. Almost every Sri Lankan know a considerable amount of English, so you'll be able to know what you want to know from them without wasting a lot of energy in hand gesturing. 
The English they know may not be perfect but they’ll still understand some words which are the most important in your story.


No need to hide, yes, Sri Lanka suffered from a terrible war for the last thirty years!!Fortunately, now it's completely over. No more terrorism! Not even a minor attack from 2009. So, no one can say Sri Lanka is not safe anymore!

One the other hand, people in Sri Lanka are so friendly and helpful. 

So a 'yes' to Sri Lanka.....?

If you need any help with planning your trip to Sri Lanka join my facebook group where you can ask all your questions also don't forget to grab the bonus I give you for free.A free travel packing checklist for Sri Lanka.

Happy travels! 
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  1. I spent 2 months in Sri Lanka back in the 70's. It was a really great place then. Surfing in Hikadua, the coastal train ride from Colombo down to Galle. Up to Kandy in the hills, sleeping on the beach in Jaffna after arriving from Rameshwaram in India by ferry......... such good times. Would love to visit again.

    1. Hey Dave!
      You must seem has a great time in Sri Lanka. Now the Sri Lanka have changed and developed in a great deal in a positive direction, maintain her beauty! I'm sure you'll be very surprised with what Sri Lanka have become today! Hope you'll visit my land again.

  2. Nice one!
    Guess I have to visit Sri Lanka then! :)

    1. Thank you Jessica!It's so nice to hear that you like to visit Sri Lanka!:)

  3. So beautiful. I definitely need to add this to my travel bucket list.

    1. Great to hear that you added Sri Lanka to your bucket list!I'm sure you'll love Sri Lanka!

  4. I absolutely love traveling, and now I am going to have to add this to my list of places to go! It looks like such a beautiful island!

  5. It looks beautiful! I'd love to visit!


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