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Welcome to Travel Me Sri Lanka, a place where you can find a load of information and practical tips about planning your holiday in Sri Lanka.

What is 'Travel Me Sri Lanka'?

Tarvelmesrilanka.com is all about travelling Sri Lanka.A place created to inspire travellers from all over the world to travel this beautiful island and help them with their Sri Lanka trip planning research.Here you'll find Sri Lanka travel information, travel tips and inspirations.
Who Am I?

I'm Pavithra Premarathna (Sheli), a twenty-something freelance writer/blogger passionate in travelling and obsessed with beautiful scenery. Adventures and risks are the next things I'm waiting for in my life. 

How can I help you?

If you are a traveller...

Any questions about travelling Sri Lanka?Ask them all in my Facebook groups dedicated only to help you for FREE.

Sri Lanka Travellers-A group for travellers who are planning to travel through Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan travel personals, to share your travel stories, knowledge, recommendations and to ask your questions. 

OR email me your question and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you are a tourism company in Sri Lanka...

I help tourism businesses in Sri Lanka with web content and tour itinerary writing and blogging.

If you find something interesting and useful in my blog space, don't forget to share it, as a help to another 'moving nut'. Also, I would like to hear your questions, ideas and suggestions, so feel free to contact me.:)

Thank you........
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