7 Best reasons to visit Negombo

Negombo, one of the most popular beach towns in Sri Lanka, which gives you everything you expect to have, in a beach holiday.

An amazing beach, refreshing breeze, heavens like comfortable stays with delicious seafood ,thrilling water sports and much more!Lush...!!
Don't worry, Negombo is not all about luxury, it offers you choices fit any budget!

 So, I thought of introducing Negombo to you.
Dinner at the beach with the breeze
Photo credit- Lauren Hudson

Reasons to visit Negombo.

1.The nearest beach town to the Katunayaka Bandaranayaka airport(20mins from the airport)

Yes,the nearest beach town you can visit within the same day you arrived Sri Lanka.A perfect spot to cover your toes with sand , sipping  a beer  and to relax ,after a long flight .

2.Exotic beach with thrilling water sports.

Gushing waves,white-gold sand,salty air and fre...ezing cocktails...
So,what else you need to ask for!!
The lagoon is the most famous place in Negombo beach famous for thrilling water sports such as windsurfing, surfing, scuba diving, rafting and boat rides.Oohoo..

Negombo beaches with fire like water where only your footprints and memory is yours

Windsurfing at Negombo beach
  Photo credit-www.travel-srilanka

3.Impressive hotels and restaurants.

Charming hotels and restaurants along the beach line is another special feature to enjoy in Negombo!Also expensive!:/But don't worry if you are a budget traveller.With the wide range of accommodation, you won't miss home no matter what is your budget. 

Photo credit- Dhanushka De Silva

Romantic dinner at the beach
Photo credit- Wendy Butler
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4.Yummy dishes

Negombo is one of the best places to treat yourself with a delish seafood dish. Who is in? Prawns, crabs, cuttlefish, and looot of other fish!? 

Crab curry
Photo credit-Curie Fernando

And why not street food!Hot prawn wades boiled chickpea and spicy samosa.... tasty but pricey!
Hot and yummy chickpea from the streets
Photo credit-
Anne Westmaas

5.Fishing industry

The hidden base of local life that show you a whole new lifestyle.

Along with fishing boats and nets,giant prawns, lobsters, cuttlefish, crabs and a lot more edible fish, lying on the sand(but dead)is a common sight to catch if you step into the fish market in Negombo. The salt mixed fishery smell ,you can't escape along the Negombo beach is the one of the unique identity Negombo owns with pride!

Fish market
Photo credit- Destiny Lund
6.The glamour of Roman Catholicism along with lots of churches

The majority' of the locals in Negombo is Roman Catholics. The Dutch was who gave Sri Lanka,the Roman Catholicism and a city of churches until it(Negombo)refers to as 'The little Rome'. You may think 'city' is too much.

Trust me,you'll believe me once you've seen it.
St Mary's church
Photo credit- www.serendib.lk       

7.New experience breeding tours.

In Negombo, you'll find boat and catamarans (a local fisherman's boat) tours along the Dutch canal.Forgetting the rush of the city,a boat ride to Muthurajawela, a marshy land rich in biodiversity crowded with mangroves along the sides of  the waterways is something not to miss for a nature lover.

A boat tour

What you can see In Negombo.

I must say that Negombo is not a city with good sceneries, but no one can leave Negombo without falling in love with, the sunset at the beach.

 Giant lobster with a local fisherman
Photo credit-Dhammika heenpella
The Negombo beach, Fish Market, Dutch fort, Dutch canal, Angurukaramulla temple, St mary's Church and Muthurajawela marsh land which is about 15 mins away from Negombo are some best places to visit in Negombo.

What to do in Negombo?

If you are an adventure enthusiast,never forget to enjoy water sport in Negombo.Tours conducting along the Dutch canal and to Muthurajawela is a perfect getaway to escape the hustle bustle of the city.

Don't forget to buy some street food and have a walk along the beach letting your body feel the evening sea breeze while enjoying the falling sun behind the horizon painting the sky in the shed of red and yellows.

Hope this post will help in your visit to Sri Lanka.If you find something useful.Don't forget to share this in your favourite social media.

Also, if you have any questions about travelling Sri Lanka drop them in the comments or ask them in my Facebook group'Sri Lanka traveller'. :)
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  1. It looks so dreamy and like an awesome time! Really craving those hot street food chickpeas now!

  2. Yes Natalia, it was awesome!Hope you can try them one day!:)


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