Liebster Award 2015-Learn more about me

My blog  just turned three days old that day. I suddenly got a message to my face book  blog page 'Travel Me Sri Lanka' from somebody,  telling me that she is going to nominate my blog for the Liebster award.


I 've heard of Liebster award, but who thought I might get nominated within such a short time.

That sweet 'somebody 'is Criz from Crizzykiss who owns a beautiful  travel blog, where she share great posts about her travels across the world.

Soo my blog  nominated for Liebster award. Thank you very much Criz!!

My  three days old baby....


What is Liebster award?

It's an award for newbie bloggers to be get recognized. Also, to connect with and support the blogging community. Liebster award exists only in online networks and it's given by a blogger to another blogger.

My answers to Crizzykiss questions

1. How did you come up with your blog name?

 While I was struggling to pick a name from a list of names,I thought of asking someone else about  name ideas and to pick the best. So I asked my bae.He just looked at my list and said "how about 'Travel me Sri Lanka'?"(which was not on my list)

That name felt like 'it's so cool'. It is simple. Easy to remember. It has the ability to specifically define my niche.

Also, I felt those words are like an invitation from my country(Sri Lanka)to the  travelers out there , which was cute and soo sweet.

So,that's how I ended up with 'Travel Me Sri Lanka'

2. Tell us some secret talents of yours or if there’s something you’re really good at that nobody knows yet.

Ah...Let me see....
I think everybody knows my every talent. So zero "nobody knows yet talents". But I think I 'm bit good at singing, playing the guitar, drawing, and yeah why not talking and laughing;)

3. What is your favorite travel destination? Tell us about it.
But unfortunately, I haven't travel there yet. The idea of visiting France came to my mind, when I was learning French at the school.So, looking forward to travel France soon and witness the Eiffel, seine river, and live drawing in Montmartre.

4. What are some fun facts about you?

I'm 21
I'm an animal and nature lover.
I'm a fashion addict.
I want no two days to be same in my life.
I believe in miracles.
I'm a person who never give up till the last sec.
My motto is 'Try to be positive ,life is wonderful'

5. What do you collect and shop when traveling?

I told you I'm a fashion addict! So, definitely fashion pieces especially jewelry and shoes. Also, postcards and any cheap small things.

6. Summer or winter?
As a Sri Lankan, we don't get snow in my country. Everybody loves the things you don't have and so am I.;)

7. Any fave photo that you want to share with us (the ones you've taken)?

Rights now I don't have any fav photo to share with you guys.
So, I thought of sharing this image that, I found from a blog post, I read recently in 'Just one-way ticket'

I don't say this is my favourite photo but, this makes me kind of feel so sad and think about this girl and her life a lot.

I mean she a girl like me. 

I know how much things a girl need and wanted to have at  this age. I know how my expensive I'm. I need a lot of beautiful clothes and fashion pieces, need to travel the world, I need to go out for dinner, I don't want to miss any episode of that Tv series. And, I dream to own that shoe and that necklace and why not that dress too.

Her world might be different from mine but, that doesn't change the thoughts of a girl. To stay clean, to have good food, to have comfort sleep, to look beautiful ,to wear new clothes.

I'm not rich enough travel Philippines and to help her right now. But sometimes you might can.

 If you are planning to visit the Philippines, please don't forget to go to smoky mountains and help them as you can with 'Smokey tours' or personally. As Sabrina lavino from 'Just one-way ticket' motioned in her post 100% profit of 'Smokey tours' is spend for these people.Click here to read her post.

8. Tell us some things that you are so thankful for?

I always thankful for the life and the luck I own. Yes, it's not the perfect or the happiest but,I always get more than I deserve.:)

9. What are your 2 must-have beauty products when you go out?

Nude lipstick  and mascara

10. If you are to recommend a country for a holiday in Asia, what country would that

Sri Lanka;)

11. What made you start blogging?

Broadness and keen to learn new things made me blog.

Here are  my nominees

My nominees, here your rules.

You may find different rules form these, but these are rules I received from Crizzykiss

1.Write a post about Liebster award.

2.Thanks the person who nominated to for the blog and mentioned a link back to her blog.

3.Answer my questions.

4.Find 11 bloggers who have less  than 200 followers.

5.Provide them the same instructions

6.Give them 11 questions to answer.


You can find bloggers for the nominees from Facebook groups and other blogging communities.

Make questions related to not only to your niche but as every blogger can answer.

Here are my questions for you....

1.What do you expect your readers to have from your blog?
2.Share your top two blogging tips with us
3.What do you do to stay inspired to continue blogging?
4.Is there something that comes easier to you than it does for most?What is it?
5.What are you better at than 90 percent of the population?
6.When was the last time life left you breathless? 
7.What’s the accomplishment you are really proud of?
8.What is the best way to earn money from a blog?(as you think)
9.What was the last thing you learned that made a big impact on you or an ah-ha moment?
10.If you had to name one thing that really makes your day, what would it be?
11.Share the link to your favorite blog,that you like to read when you are bored


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  1. Congratulations. How cool is this! Reading your fun facts, we have so many things in addict, belief in miracles, never giving up and I would love to go to Paris and Thailand.

    1. Thank you!
      Lolz! It's great to hear from a person with lot in common!;)


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