Safari in Kaudulla National Park-Where I nearly get killed

Finally that day came! I was so excited! I mean, to an animal Lover her first safari is a milestone. That lover is me and the safari was in Kaudulla national park.

So here how it went! 

We got there in the morning but not that early though all of wanted to be at the gate, almost about 9.00 am. 

We hired a safari jeep with professional looking driver, if in a case of an emergency like a  brake down or anything another professional came with us.

My family and few other two families (relatives) waited with exciting to faces, to see the big wild out there, with brave hearts. No one bother about being attack by an elephant or a eaten by a leopard.

All of us have heard and seen in the local news, the stories Sri Lankan villages near national parks, often get attacked by the elephants. So, everybody knew every way, an elephant might try to kill you.

But ,no one cared and everybody was sooo excited to see the wild elephant gathering accept one-my uncle. He was afraid of the safari idea from the beginning.

What We Saw?

Anyway, the jeep crossed the gates, all of us were in the wild of 6656 hectares...

Trees, trees and trees..but nothing else. 

The Park is a home to up to 250 elephants, Leopard, Fishing cat, Sloth bear, Sambar deer, and the endangered Rusty spotted cat. Also a lot of birds.

A bear 

 The narrow road ran separating the trees too two sides made me feel bit sad.

I mean, yes, they are free, but they still get disturbed by human. With all these engines and why not with high pitch loud talkings when someone like me  is there.

  But those thought couldn't fade my eager to see the giants and any wild animal.-The animals no one have touched(ah may be some vets if they have gone sick).

At last I saw an animal. 

My first wild animal in the wild-A bird!
Then a dear and a dear, a fox may be, a porcupine and few peacocks. In between another few birds.

Witnessing the giants

After passing an area with lot of trees we arrived an open area. Green grass filled the area and some scrubs here and there. The big patch of blue, I saw in distance was the Kaudulla reservoir.

Only thing tall in the area was the elephants!

A herd of elephants near the lake ,were drinking water. The elephant on the other side near the forest there was along and having her meal.

Elephant gathering at Kaudulla

The small trail(road) ran straight and the elephant stayed  side of the road bit away from road.

Lone elephant playing with mud 
Few other safari jeeps were stopped near the long elephant along the road in a shape of an arch and was taking photos before we arrived there.

  So we too went near and stayed bit away from the crowd, but our driver made sure to not to get off from the trail. Because every Sri Lankan know from their younger age, that the lonely elephants are the most furious.

Elephant tried to attack our jeep

The jeep at the other end of the arch(opposite to us) was getting closer and closer to the elephant. And suddenly its tail raised up, means it was afraid and not a good sign.

But whoever in that jeep wanted to get more closer.

At once, the elephant turned to our side and ran towards us. All screamed (I don't know about me) and got low in the jeep. I heard my uncle tries to make the other calm down.

 And I head the tire of the jeep didn't move forward though the accelerating sound get louder.


green pigeon

I could still see the elephant. Luckily it stopped after running few steps towards us as luckily our tires moved. Every jeep drive fast to get away from it.

 We all felt a relief.

Safari jeeps on the mud road at Kaudulla national park

Thanks to a 'close up photo maniac' we could have been killed. Luckily it was not our day.

Everybody was back in normal after few minutes.

Fun story....

I think you remember about my uncle who afraid of the safari.

 He always told us he going to bent down if any elephant attacked us no matter what happened to others. But he was the only one standing when that elephant attacked us. This is what he said

'I saw the elephant coming our way. So I looked down to find a space to get down. But everybody was down by then and the space was filled.'

He was the only one at least who was conscious to tell us to be stay calm.

Lolz.....You can really decide who is brave!

It's bit scary but to me still it's fun to be in the wild.

On the rest of the journey we saw few cranes, a dear and another peacock. Most importantly it danced....

So that was our safari.....Hope you enjoyed it.

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If you too have any experience in  elephant attacks, share it in the comment section including why they try to attack you, so another on can avoid those acts.
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  1. What an exciting experience! Glad nothing happened with the elephant!! so excited for you that you went on a safari!

    1. Absolutely, safariing is a very exciting experience I can't wait to experience gain!Thank you so much Natalia!Thanks for stopping by!:)

  2. You had my attention at the elephant picture. I would normally be afraid to try a safari but this looks like a great adventure. Plus my obsession with Peacocks I would love to see them so close.


    1. WoW!!Glad to know another who obsessed with peacocks!;)It's a completely safe journey,if you listen and behave according to your driver.Thank you so much for the comment Tashi!

  3. This looks like a very adventurous park I have not yet visited. Any idea how far it is from Colombo?

    1. Aw..Hope you'll get the chance to experience it soon.:)Kaudulla national park is about 220 km away from colombo.


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