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'Temple of the tooth' is a must in anyone's bucket list in Sri Lanka, if you really want to snoop into the Sri Lankan culture and tradition.Anyway,I think you better know first reasons to visit Sri Lanka,before we move on to temple of the tooth.
To be honest, I don't remember the first day I visit(worship)the Temple of the tooth relic. Most probably, just a few months after I was born.
The sacred tooth of Lord Buddha(left canine) rests inside the temple,has given its name'Temple of the tooth'-in sihnala'Sri dalada Maligawa'and have made the place number one, among the other sacred Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka.

Kandy is a city having nice weather than the general weather in Sri Lanka,not hot or cold.I'm sure you too gonna love the city just as I'm.Also, it's easy to reach there.

How to get there? Cost?
Anyone can easily reach there by travelling along the Colombo-Kandy road-A1.(116 km away from Colombo)The train is what I recommend if you are on a budget.It's easy to cool and comfy! From the Kandy train station, you can take a tuk-tuk to the temple of the tooth or just can walk.

It's entrance coat 10US$.If you are from SAARC country, it only cost 5US$.(Don't make your face like that, I too don't know why is that!)


The temple stands beside the Kandy lake with pride is, tiredly bonded to Sri Lankan culture, tradition as well as with politics of the country. History of the place runs to the Kandyan era(16th century),was built in 312 BC,by the king Sri Megawarna.

At the entrance 

Among the pink Nelum flowers and purple lotus at the entrance, my heart always pick, the white lotus. Folding petals of a flower bud with a gentle touch, to make it bloom is ,something I'm obsessed with and something you must try!
As I grew up and as the number of visits to the temple of the tooth relic increased, I learned you should carry the flowers to offer Lord Buddha above your knee, as to respect. 

You don't have to do everything I do, there.

 But, just to get a complete experience, buy few lotus flowers from a local and help his innocent attempt to overcome poverty. 


 The owner and the protector of the sacred tooth relic is considered as the king, now the president of the country. Actually, it was more like the throne was given to the one who own the relic, back then. So, every king wanted to keep the relic closer to him, in order to serve it well, protect it and of course to save himself.

 Now ,the things are bit different with the sovereignty. But still, after being elected, the first visit is to ,the Temple of the tooth.;)

 Now it makes sense, why I had to visit there as a few months old baby, ha? 

How to wear?

"When you are in Rome, do as the Romans" right?'

If you want to visit Temple of the tooth you must concern a bit about what you wear. If not, you definitely will have to wear some piece of cloth, most of the times wore by 10,000 people may be 100,000..yuck.

 Wear something white or light coloured that cover your body well. No deep necklines, no back openings, No sleeveless,..."tube?"no way! Pants should cover legs. For both male and female. 

I know this sounds ridiculous or too extremist. But ,I hope you can understand,That's how we(Sri Lankan's) respect our religious leader. Also, you have to go through a small check in, thereafter that you are free. 

Where to stay?

If you haven't booked your accommodation in Kandy yet,you can find the best deals here


What to see? 

The broad ash concrete pathway accompanied with wide green grass strip take you to the temple. The colourful paintings inside, enriched in stunning stone floors and amazing woodwork, give you the chill your feet and body looked for after your way through the hot concrete. Did I tell you that you have to go there on barefoot?
Wall paintings
Photo credit-matthewwilliamsellis.photoshelter.com
Stunning wood carvings at temple of the tooth
Photo credit-srilanka.for91days.com
Prince Dhantha and Princess Hemamala the royal couple who brought the sacred tooth relic to Sri Lanka from India, hiding it inside princess Hemamale's hair in order to protect the relic from enemies. You can see them in the wall painting along the stair to the second floor.

The sacred tooth relic rests on a gold lotus encased in seven gold caskets kept inside a bulletproof chamber in the inner shrine fronted by two tusks. 

Casket  in the inner shrine
Photo credit-what-buddha-said.net

Rituals performed for centuries

Normally, the inner shrine (where the tooth relic rests)opens only a few hours a day at 5:30 am-8.00am , 9.30 Am-11.00am  and 6:30 pm-8.00pm. 

Inner shrine,where only a few males people are allowed to enter including the in charge monk.
Photo credit-srilanka.for91days.com

An amazing small ceremony-'Thevava' with traditional drums and flutes is been conducted three times a day to perform service rituals. Best time to be there. This is kind of a nonstop practice performed for centuries. 

Thevava-the service rituals
Photo credit-sridaladamaligawa.lk

Kandy festival 

Once a year the relic is taken out to, let the locals worship it for several days. Also it says it's to gain rain. The relic carries on an elephant back along the road, with a parade full of beautiful dancers and drummers famous as the Esala Kandy festival(in July)

It says that every time you move the relic, it rains. I don't know about this 'every time' but, I've heard that it rains ,in every time in the festival season.
Kandy festival
Photo credit-commons.wikimedia.org
 I don't know is it random or some kind of a probability but the temple authority always take the relic out to show it to the people, whenever Sri Lanka suffers from Sever droughts. 

Memories of a loyal-Raja the tucker

The live size majestic tusker recreated after it's death is one of my favourite things there. Raja This royal tusker-Raja, was one of the most obedient tuskers who was lucky enough to get the chance to carries the sacred relic in the Perahera(parade).

As an honour to the service it has done for the temple, it's been recreated with its own skin. So, if you too going to visit the temple of the tooth never forget to salute Raja. 

Raja the tusker
Photo credit-sridaladamaligawa.lk  

Magul maduwa

Magul maduwa with numerous pliers decorated with stunning wood carvings and construction strategies is considered as the royal meeting place in the Kandyan era.

But, I think it must receive a good clean up. I felt so disgust to walk on barefoot there.I'm not going to give the spoiler alert anyway!;p 

 Kandy Museum 

The museum is the best part of the visit. Never forget to visit the museum for few more dollars.Something worth witnessing. All the old jewellery and the clothes of royals are amazing.You'll understand things more deeply and clearly if you can visit there. 
Royal jewellery at the Kandy museum
Photo credit-srilanka.for91days.com mm

That's how things going on with the temple of the tooth at Kandy! 
Hope this post will help you a little, in your visit to Kandy! 
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It only takes about 45 min-1hour to visit the temple. So if you need to hand around few places near Kandy. here are some Peradeniya botanical garden ,KCC for a shopping, Ambekke temple ,cultural shows at YMBA and Ceylon tea museum  

Found something useful? Don't forget to tell me about it in the comment section....;)
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  1. The relic casket is beautiful. I love how the elephants are dressed. They look so regal. The Kandy Festival looks like something one doesn't want to miss.

    1. YesTaish,the casket is so beautiful but witnessing the real one is not that easy.I agree with you,the Kandy festival is something you should not miss in Sri Lanka.It's so colourful and ideal to Sri Lanka.Hope to dedicate a complete post to the Kandy festival!:)

  2. Amazing! Would love to visit Sri Lanka. Thanks for this :)

    1. You are welcome!Glad to hear that you would love to visit Sri Lanka!:)


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