Best places to visit in Sri Lanka-Part 2 #beach

So yes!
The best place to visit in Sri Lanka is one of the topics people search google for when they plan their trip to Sri Lanka.So,here I'm with another post of this series-Best places to visit In Sri Lanka.

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In the second post of this series-'Best places to visit in Sri Lanka', I'll be introducing another Beautiful three beach spots with perfect waves in Sri Lanka.
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So. here are another three beautiful beach spots in Sri Lanka. 

Arugam bay beach

Surfing at Arugam bay beach

Majestic blue waves of Arugam bay have raised the spot among the best surfing beaches in the world. 

As always everything comes at a  price.It takes at least 7 hours to reach Arugambay from Colombo(314km), but worth spending time on the road, because the view you 'll catch there, is splendid.

Arubam bay beach situated in eastern shores of Sri Lanka,is popular for windsurfing, have open doors, for international surfing and windsurfing competitions.

You can easily rent the  basic equipment you 'll need to surf, at the local shops near the beach.

The beauty of the beach and the seasonal beach parties attract the biggest crowd and popular among tourists from early 60's.So it's not that much peaceful! But trust me, still there is a charming beauty to witness.

Conclusion-Arugam bay is a  crowded beach, far from Colombo popular for wind surfing, that owns an unspoiled beauty still worth witnessing.

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Bentota Beach
A small uncluttered beach town unfolds you a paradise on your doorstep. Looking  for a nice relaxing time? Then, Bentota is a perfect getaway for you which is 55 km away from Colombo along the south coast in Sri Lanka.

 What make Benthota so special?The turtles! 

Turtles hatchery 11 mins away from Bentota gives you the opportunity to release an extremely cute baby turtle into the sea! How cute..!

Endless sand and the calm water at Bentota along with reliving Ayurvedic spas gives the ultimate serenity anyone seeks. A lot of water sports including water skiing and canoeing are also popular among the blue waves of Bentota.

Conclusion-Bentota is a scenic beach place to find your serenity and ease.

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Mirissa beach

At Mirissa with dolphins
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Who wish to see a big blue with your own eyes? Then Mirissa is the best beach option for you in Sri Lanka.

The blue waves and the golden sand stretch at Mirissa is an ideal place to sit and relax under a shed. Marissa is an oasis of tranquility If you are seeking a place to hide from the hustle bustle of the city.

Also,an ideal place for swimming that offers you list of water sports including surfing.

A massive number of tourist attract to Mirissa in a year, thanks to the lovely and amazing pals in the big blue ocean. Book a whale watching tour and watch few giants of the ocean and couple of playful buddies! (Dolphins)cool ha?

So who's in?

Conclusion-Mirissa is a  beach with peace with ample opportunities for whale watching and dolphin watching.And why not water sports!

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Here's a graphic for you, so you can add your favourite beach from the list to your favourite pin board before you forget!;)(Only for the people who suffer from 'memory loss' like me)

So what is the beach you like most from today's list?
Arugam bay?Bentota?or Mirissa?

 The next post in this series is also gonna be about....... beaches!
Am I making beach session too long?(Sorry,I'm a beach lover)
Anyway, read the next post in this series here

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  1. I am planing to visit Sri lanka soon so this article has turned out very helpful for me as I will now have an idea about the places and beach which we don't want to miss.


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