Best places to visit in Sri Lanka-Part 3 #beach

Welcome to the part III of 'Best places to visit in Sri Lanka'.Here you'll find another three beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka.

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The best places to visit in Sri Lanka-Series

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So here are another three best places to visit in Sri Lanka.Enjoy!:)

Nilaveli beach

Nilaveli Beach

The light blue ocean runs till the horizon and the white sand strip at Nilaveli have made the place popular with locals rather than tourists. The scenic beach of Nilaveli  271 km away from Colombo situated in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka is an another perfect getaway for the ones  who look for a beach place to lay down and relax.

The small island few meters away from  the coast, which is rocky, is perfect for snorkeling and the Pigeon island , home for a lot of birds is a major tourist attraction and great for scuba diving  or a sun bath.
Love fishing? Then Nilaveli is the ideal place offering you facilities for fishing and sea angling.

Conclusion-Nilaveli is a beach with a lovely blue and clear water. It's perfect for relaxing, boat rides, island visits, bird watching and why not some whales sometimes.


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Trincomalee which is popular as Trico has a great history as an ancient natural harbour and a trade spot used by Portuguese and British.In the past, Trincomalee had been the arrival place of many travelers like Ptolemy and Marco Polo.

 If you are not that much adventurous and still in love with the beach, Trinco is the ideal place for you as it's well known as an excellent spot for sea bathing.

Trinco is a beach with a variety of corals with vibrant colours and the rolling waves make the place perfect for diving and surfing as well.

Plus you'll find the lot of tourist attractions nearby such as Natural hot springs at Kinniya, Koneshwaram Hindu temple(which is awesome), Fort Fredrick and II world war cemetery.

Conclusion-Trinco is a perfect get way for sea bathing that offers you number of water sports and great tourist attractions nearby.

Kalkuda beach

This is another lovely beach with delightful views, lot of adventures and excitement. Kalkuda is a beach spot on the east coast (282 km from Colombo)offing you a long list of amazing water sports. Especially water sports alike snorkeling, wind surfing, jet skiing and more! Sounds great right?

The beautiful coastline along with the golden sand strip is calm, peaceful and surprise you with its splendid views. The clear and calm water  with pleasant blue make everyone falls in love with Kalkuda.The reef near the beach is a home for a lot of colorful and cheerful fishes make the place perfect for snorkeling.

Conclusion-A beach with a combination of relaxing and excitement.

So what is your favourite beach?

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That's the end of beaches.
Next Thursday you'll catch the first post of the next category which is the 'Best historical places to visit in Sri Lanka'.

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