Best places to visit in Sri Lanka-part1#beach

Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island situated in the middle of the Indian ocean with numerous beautiful beach spots around its coastline.

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 Is Sri Lanka is in your Bucket list? Nope? Then stick with this series you'll definitely add Sri Lanka to your bucket list.Also, check this too reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka

(for the peeps who already have Sri Lanka on their bucket list)Let the party begin!!

So, in the first post of the series I'm going to show you three stunning beach towns in Sri Lanka.If you are new around here check the link to see what is this series really about!Best places to visit in Sri Lanka

Three best places in Sri Lanka! Perfect for relaxing and to enjoying your travel playing with waves while calling your melanin up on your skin.

It's blue! It rolls!And these are the best beach spots  to visit in Sri Lanka!


Tangalle beach

A beach with spectacular views of unspoiled  beauty spotted in the south coast of Sri Lanka. 

Tangalle  owns several beach spots enriched in golden sand and enchanting scenery not second to one another. The bay of Tangalle and the lagoon enhance the beauty of the beach making the place one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka.

For the ones who need a bit of adventure still in a safe manner, Tangalle is the best.The shelves of rocks and the reefs of corals visible to the shore can be easily seen with a swim.Great right?

Conclusion- Tangalle is a great places for anyone who willing to find their serenity! Simply, Tangalle is for a lazy beach holiday. No night life. No shopping, few restaurants. Anyway, perfect for a family trip.


Hikkaduwa beach

Does anyone seek fun and adventure? Then Hikkaduwa is perfect for you! 

Hikkaduwa beach is one of the best  beach towns in Sri Lanka situated 118 km away from Colombo towards the south of the country. Only 14 Km is there from Galle to Hikkaduwa!Seriously?!

The beautiful beach with the white sand stripe, hide colourful fishes that dart around and the corals with vibrant colours charm anyone.

Hikkaduwa beach is the second best surfing spot in Sri Lanka.So, no doubt about ideal waves for surfing.On the other hand, clear blue water have made Hikkaduwa popular for snorkeling and diving.

 And guess the other special thing!shipwrecks. Four of them! Perfect for diving enthusiast right?

Wide range of beachfront accommodation and delicious seafood dishes are really common in  Hikkaduwa.

 Conclusion-Hikkaduwa is a beach town good for diving, surfing and snorkeling filled with fun.

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Negombo beach

Closet beach to the Katunayake International Airport. Only   10 km! Sounds great ha?

Negombo is a beach town is  very popular among tourists, as it offer you a wide range of options in everything from a tote bag to accommodation suit for any pocket! But still Negombo is a beach of luxury.

The stunning sunset in the evening  at the Negombo beach is something everyone fall in love with!

Negombo offers you  numerous water sports such as diving, surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and water skiing. Why not  swimming!The other thing Negombo famous for are the out triggers and catamarans boat rides with locals. Hmm not bad!

The fishing village at Negombo will unfold another side of the world in front of you, which is amazing and full of adventures but still bit pitiful.

Conclusion-A beach city full of fun, excitement, amazes and with stunning views of the rolling and roaring waves near  the Airport of Katunayake.

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In the next post of 'Best places to visit in Sri Lanka', I'll show you another beautiful three beach spots in Sri Lanka.

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  1. You forgot the eastern province...
    Trincomalee, Nilaveli beach, Arugambay, Pasikuda...

    1. All the mentioned beaches are lined up in the next posts..:)

      How can anyone forget those charming beaches in the eastern coast when listing the best beaches in Sri Lanka,right?!


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