13 Travel packing essentials for Sri Lanka + A free printable travel packing checklist for any country in the world.

Learn about the essential things you should pack for your trip to Sri Lanka.

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When you Plan to visit Sri Lanka? Next week? Next month? Next year? 

Great! Here's what you must pack when you visit Sri Lanka. Don't expect me to include A-Z things you should pack in your bag. 

Because things vary with your job, with whom you travel, the purpose of the travel and blah blah.So this is a list of items you must bring here to survive in Sri Lanka!

Anyway, sometimes you may not still don't know much about Sri Lanka. Click here to learn more about why you should visit Sri Lanka!

So here comes the list!

1.White or Light colour outfit.-Yes something  white. If you are visiting Buddhist or Hindu temples Like Temple of the tooth at Kandy, it's a life saver. Also, make sure it covers your body well.

2.Hat-Usually  almost every day is bright and sunny in Sri Lanka.A hat with a wider brim is one of the best ways to hide yourself from the bad boy up in the sky.

3.Scarf-This have multiple uses. You know lot of ways how it gonna be useful on the way right?!

4.Sunglasses-As I told you before, it's sunny and hot here .So a pair of sunglasses is a must.

5.Sun screen-Again it's something about the sun.(In Sri Lanka I think everything is about the Sun)That's how the thing going on in a country that never snow.:(

6.Shoes-Pack a comfy pair of shoe to wear in daytime especially as sometimes your feet won't bear the heat if it's too open to the sun.

7.flipflop-It's for the beach and for the evenings.

8.Lip balm-Don't forget to pack a good lip balm to protect your lips from heat.

9.Deodorant-It's hot so it must sweat!So make sure you add a deodorant to your packing list.

10.cotton or light clothes- Cotton or linen or light clothes are the best to wear in Sri Lanka.

 You might not visit in Sri Lanka in the rainy season.But I highly recommend you to come prepared for any situation, because the rain in Sri Lanka cannot trust.Ever.

12.Sweater-You must be surprised if Sri Lanka is sunny and hot what sweaters for? It's hot along the coastal line around Sri Lanka. But the middle part of the country-hilly region is cold and have really cold nights.

13.Mosquito repellent- Don't worry! Sri Lanka has no Malaria threats but the Dengue fever. Though the mosquito that bit you is harmless still the area may get itchy make sure to pack this too.

Have a look at this portable mosquito repellent without getting all these greasy oily smelly spray or lotions on your body.

I hope this list will help you to enjoy your time peacefully in Sri Lanka. Pack everything in the list and enjoy your time in Sri Lanka.


To make packing easy for you, I prepared something especially for you! A printable travel packing checklist prepared specially for Sri Lanka.


 C'mon! What you waiting for..Click the link below to grab your copy.It's free!!:)
Travel packing checklist (free download)

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  1. An amazing post again! I will be visiting Sri Lanka next week and I'll make sure to visit all of these places. Looking next to reading the next part of this series.


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