The best places to visit in Sri Lanka-Series

Best places to visit in Sri Lanka is something tons of people looking for when they planning their trip to Sri Lanka.What is Sri Lanka,What do we gonna do there?What do we going to see there?

If you are someone with such questions I recommend you to go through all the 9 post in this series which will show you 27 best places to visit in Sri Lanka..

Yeah! 27 dude!

I believe that I'll be able to provide you guys with a well-organized content with a series rather than with individual posts.So, Enjoy the 'Best places to visit in Sri Lanka.series.

27 best places to visit in Sri Lanka

Why I chose this topic?

When I was going through top travel forums like Trip advisor and Thorn tree, I noticed that some places have got a lot of reviews while there were places receiving lower reviews which are lot more better than the places that have higher reviews.To me,

more reviews(bad or excellent)= more visits.
(though it's not a good scale)

This makes me think that you guys only end up visiting popular places but not the best ones. So, someone should fill the gap ha? !

Here's what you'll get in this series

In this series of posts, I'll be introducing, the best places to visit in Sri Lanka with a brief description of the place,  including what you can see and what do there... etc. So, if you are interested in the place you can dig more into it.

To  make the series more organized, I categorized the places into 4 parts. As 

1.Beaches-The beauty of the spots along the coastline around Sri   Lanka


2.Historical sites- Ancient places with a historical value

Galle Fort-UNESCO World Heritage Site

3.Religious sites-Places started and continued with a religion  or with a belief  
Dambulla Cave Temple-UNESCO World Heritage Site

4.Nature and wild- Spots rich in biodiversity

So this is  how I planned my series, to give you the best.

What are the places on your bucket list(Sri Lanka)?Tell me in the comments!

Hope you enjoy this series!

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  1. I like your choices. You can aldo add Gampola kingdom to this list. So can cover Lankathilaka Temple, Gadaladeniya temple and Embakka Devalaya. This is just my idea. Those attractions are close by so you can cover them within a limited period of time..

  2. Sri lanka my mother country.
    No others. Is best

  3. That looks an awesome place. I'm pretty sure me and my family are going to love it. Try to check out Anvaya Cove, you'll love it too. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!


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