Best places to visit in Sri Lanka-Part 5 #Historical sites

Scenic beaches and amazing views are the first thoughts that come to anyone's mind when you heard the word, Sri Lanka. Many doesn't know about the great history you should not miss when you visit Sri Lanka.

 So here is the last post of the historical category, unfolding you another three best places to visit in Sri Lanka rich in historical value and with awesome stories from the past.

If this is your first visit to this blog start with the 'Beast places to visit in Sri Lanka' to get a clear idea about this series and to catch the previous posts. If 'Sri Lanka' hit your ear for the first time I think you better start from here and see is Sri Lanka fit you as your next destination.

Galle fort 

Galle fort
An ancient fort next to endless ocean built by Portuguese1588 is a rare jewel to the Sri Lankan history. Galle fort (130 km from Colombo)was then fortified by the Dutch in 1667.

If you looking for a place to admire some great Dutch architectural designs in the sea breeze Galle fort is for you.

The complex include the Lighthouse, the clock tower, the first Dutch Reformed and Anglican churches, the Meera Mosque, the Buddhist Temple, and the Commander’s Residence. Today the complex occupy some awesome jewelry shops, coffee shops, fashion outlets without harming the old interior designs of the place.

Galle fort is a perfect place to have a walk in the evening having a street snack and watch the sunset sitting on the thick walls of the fort.

Conclusion-Galle perfect place to admire old European architecture, to take a walk along the beach, to do some shopping and to watch the sunset.


This is also a place with ruins.(it's a historical place so it should have ruins-I know it's a stupid joke)Anyways Yapahuwa is the 3rd capital in Sri Lanka which means the capital  after Polonnaruwa.The place situated in Kurunegala -Anuradhapura Rd 147 km away from Colombo.

The stone fortress built by King Buwanakabahu I is the specialty in Yapahuwa.The fleet of steps to the tooth (the sacred tooth of lord Buddha which is now at Kandy temple of the tooth.) temple is the finest feature at Yapahuwa. Either side of the stairway is decorated with extraordinary sculptures of female figures and styled with goggle-eyed lion statues.

Another popular attraction at Yapahuwa is the caves.Monks in the past had lived in those caves  before Yapahuwa became a capital. The old images of Lord Buddha and ancient Brahmi inscription provide evidence that the place has a very old history even before it become a capital.

Conclusion-Yapahuwa gives you the opportunity to spend your time in history and get closer to nature.I'm sure you gonna love the place.specially the cool caves.

Adem's bridge Mannar 

Adam's bridge Mannar
I think this is the coolest place in the historical category.And the last.With the name of it, I think you know what to expect there. Yes, it's a bridge. A 30 km long bridge(3500 years old) which separates the gulf of Mannar from Polk straight.

Today you can't no longer see a perfect bride there but sunk stone way.The bridge has several rumors. Some say this is a the bridge used by Adam (yes the Adam in the Bible)to reach the Adam's peak. Some say that it's a floating bridge built by the army of Apes of Rama(an Indian god) connecting India and Sri Lanka during the war with Ravana(a Sri Lankan god-like king).

As the studies say that the arrangements of Chain of lime shoals, coral reefs, and sand layers are impossible to  form naturally. Carry a binocular to see the distance details of the bridge.Shrine of Lady Madu, The doric at Arippu ,Mannar island, Thanthirimale,Thiruketheeswaram kovil are popular near by attractions you can visit along the way.

 Conclusion-Adem's bridge is a place with powerful myths situated in a beautiful coast line.

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Hope you enjoy today's post.Let me know what historical place you like to visit in Sri Lanka in the comments.

So the next post of the series will include another three best places to visit in Sri Lanka.

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  1. Very cool. Sri Lanka seems so mysterious and exotic. I truly hope I get to visit before leaving Asia.

    1. Wow Stacey!
      Great hear that you are hoping to visit Sri Lanka.I'm sure you'll love my country..
      Anyways where are you in the Asia now?


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