6 Instagram accounts that will make you want to visit Sri Lanka

Looking for places in the world to encounter most special and unique experiences is what every traveller craving for.Get ready for some surreal inspirations from such an island-Sri Lanka.

According to Marco Polo Sri Lanka is 'the finest island of its size in all the world'.I'm sure the scenic beach spots, sunny skies, lavish greeneries, great history, wealthy  culture  and rich hospitality lies on the top of the list of reasons for his above words.

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If you are looking for some travel inspirations search no more. These 5 Instagram accounts will definitely make you want to visit Sri Lanka soon.

Also, I hope this post will be a cure for all the Sri Lankans around the world who miss Sri Lanka:)

1.Sri Lanka trends

Srilankantrends is a great place to catch some amazing shots of breathtaking views of Sri Lanka.

2.Sri Lanka Today 

Srilankatoday shares beautiful photos of nature and landscapes in Sri Lanka while showcasing Sri Lankan lifestyle.

3.Sri Lanka5

This Yummy account is all about Sri Lankan dishes and sweets.Click here to go to Srilanka5

4.Sri Lanka Ceylon 

Srilanka_Ceylon  is another awesome place in Instagram to catch some stunning scenery and wildlife in Sri Lanka.

5.Everyday Sri Lanka

This is an awesome Instagram account based on the day-to-day life and people of Sri Lanka. EverydaySriLanka is a must if you want to catch some true  vibes of the island.

6.Hashtag SriLanka

Hashtagsrilanka is a great place to catch some breathtaking views and unique Sri Lankan lifestyle.

Hope you'll check all of these accounts.Trust me, all of them has lots of amazing photos that can make anyone want to visit Sri Lanka.

6 Instagram accounts that will make you want to visit Sri Lanka

If you find something interesting in these accounts, don't forget to follow them and share the love.

Also, check this link to follow 'Travel Me Sri Lanka' on Instagram.

Hope you'll visit Sri Lanka soon.Happy travels!:)

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  1. Can't wait to go to Sri Lanka. Quite excited!

    1. Hope you 'll have a great time in Sri Lanka Shayan

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