Best places to visit in Sri Lanka-Part 8 #NatureAndWild

Spending a breathtaking moment in nature and wild is the best treatment for yourself to relieve and refresh.If you have plans to visit Sri Lanka don't miss to spend some time in amazing nature and wild in Sri Lanka.

As some of you already know in this series-'Best places to visit in Sri Lanka' you'll find top amazing places to visit in Sri Lanka.
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Ok my friends, here are another three best places, perfect for nature and animal lovers.

Udawalawa national park

A roaming  elephant at Udawalawa national park

Who is in for a wild safari?
Then don't miss Udawalawa national park where wild animals are conserved in their natural habitat. It's located in Uva province 180 km away from Colombo in the south central sector of the island.

The national park covers over 308 square kilometers is a beautiful place to get close to nature.

 It's a dry monsoon forest with a reservoir in the middle. The place is mostly covered with thorny-shrub jungle accompanied with grassland.

Elephants, Leopards, Water Buffalos, Wild boar, Spotted Deer, Slumber Deer, Jackal, Foxes are common sights to expect in Udawalawa national park. Also, Raptors, endemic birds migrated birds and butterflies are few other of the list of animals you can catch along the journey!

Going on a safari to the wild is crazy and so exciting, also a little bit dangerous only if you don't listen to your driver. So always make sure to listen to your driver.

Anyway,you can visit Udawalawe throughout the year. And the best time to go there is in the morning or in the evening.Also, don't forget to visit the elephant transit home.

Best time to visit-All year round park, November to March migrant birds can be observed

Conclusion-Udawalawe is a national park full of wild animals where you have to get into a safari  jeep if you want to catch some animals. Going to the wild on a safari in Udawalawa is completely safe.

             Local Attractions - Udawalawa

Peradeniya botanical garden

Peradeniya Botanical Garden
Photo Credit-Anuradha Disanayake

This is all about colours and flowers..also about plants..

Peradeniya botanical garden is a purely tropical  home for over 10,000 plants including colorful flowers, powerful  herbs, exotic spices, twisted lianas, rare palms, giant bamboos and more.It's in Kandy which is 110km away from Colombo near the Temple of the tooth.

The garden that covers an area of 150 acres is the largest botanical garden in Sri Lanka. The bridge and the Mahaveli river which is one boundary of the garden add an incredible scenic beauty to the place.

Orchid garden with vibrant colours, outstanding spice garden, great green grassy circle, memorial trees, the natural pavilion of Javan fig tree are some major attractions, there.If you are someone who loves to catch some large colorful roses, buzzing bees, charming orchids and a wonderful tree sheds to sit and relax, Peradeniya botanical garden is one of the best places you must visit in Sri Lanka.

Best time to visit-All year round 

Conclusion-Peradeniya botanical garden is an ideal place to catch some beautiful flowers, plants and spend some refreshing time walking through nature.

Pinnawala elephant orphanage

Bathing elephants at Pinnawala elephant orphanage

perfect place to catch cute and adorable baby elephants, bathing elephants and lot of elephant things. Pinnawala elephant orphanage is on the way to Kandy 90km away from Colombo.

Simply it is an orphanage for elephants who have lost their mother at young age, lost in the jungle, kicked out of their herd. Injured  elephants and sick elephants are also been take cared in this place until they get confident enough to live in the wild.

Elephants live there are animals came from wild. Since they've been interacting with humans, you get the chance to get closer to them like feeding them.:))

Best time to visit-All year round 

Conclusion-Pinnawala elephant orphanage is a perfect for elephant lovers or any animal lover.


So which one of these three will be on your bucket list in Sri Lanka?Pinnawala elephant orphanage?Udawalawa national park ?or Peradeniya botanical garden?

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  1. Beautiful pictures <3 I would love to see the elephants, but if I had the chance I would visit both.

    1. Thank you Arzo!
      I too love elephants a lot. Hope you'll get the chance to visit both of these places one day.:)

  2. I have been following your post for some good places to visit in Srilanka and got to know about this Udawalawa national park,will surely visit it


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