15 Most beautiful landscapes in Sri Lanka worth witnessing

Many think that Sri Lanka is only about sun, sea, and sand..

But there's more!

You'll find a lot more things other than above three which will amaze you in Sri Lanka including great culture, history, adventure zones, animals, nature and more...

15 Most beautiful landscapes in Sri Lanka worth witnessing

Nature is something you can capture for free or for really cheap in Sri Lanka.If you would love to visit Sri Lanka and see interesting things and to admire nature and spend a breathtaking moment, forget cities and everything man-made. 

Just travel and keep your eyes open.
Nature never ceases to amaze us with impressive landscapes and scenery and such amazements can be anywhere. Most importantly on this 149 million square kilometers of the earth, there is no chance to see two alike..

Gazing at astonishing sights with wonder and amazement is a privilege every traveler get. These are some frozen moments of some most scenic views in Sri Lanka.

Moutain ranges in Nuwara Eliya
Photo credit-sorin_furcoi
A waterfall in Nuwara Eliya
Photo credit-www.wanderant.com

Hill country in Sri Lanka
Photo Credit-www.compareworldtravel.com
A hill country pine forest 
Photo Credit-Flicker.com
A hill country pine forest
Photo Credit-Flicker.com
Paddy fields in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa beach

Peradeniya botanical garden in Kandy
A natural lake in the evening
Phot credit-www.ceylontouradvisor.com

 Sinharaja rain forest
Photo Credit-www.theflashpack.co.uk

A lake in a drought
Photo Credit-Flickr.com

An amazing beach landscapes in the sunset
Photo credit-pintrest.com

Photo Credit-Flicker.com/LisArt

Tea Plantation in Sri Lanka
Photo Credit-Flickr.com/John t
Photo Credit -Flickr.com/Melani Amarathunga

I don't have word to express how much I enjoyed writing this post..(Especially the researching part)I enjoyed searching for all the amazing views a loOoot....

Srilanka holiday 15 Most beautiful landscapes in Sri Lanka worth witnessing

Hope you'll enjoy this post too and this will be and inspiration for you to seek for more incredible landscape and scenery in your journey in Sri Lanka and around the world.

Anyways, where was the last time you spend a breathtaking moment in nature?

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  1. Wow! I haven't been to some of these places yet.

    1. Me too Doria!All these places must be really beautiful and hope to catch all of them soon.

  2. Lovely images of a beautiful country. I remember that waterfall in Nuwara Eiya - http://www.inditales.com/exploring-sri-lanka/

  3. The landscapes are breathtaking, just been to Shrilanka while transiting and did a quick tour of Colombo, would love to do a leisurely trip someday. Till now the most amazing landscapes we have seen has been in Switzerland.

    1. That's great!To catch such breathtaking landscape you have to travel around the country leisurely a bit.Hope you'll get the chance to visit Sri Lanka again soon!:)

  4. This looks absolutely amazing. Wonderful. I can totally understand that you had fun while researching. I've never been to Sri Lanka but I really would like to go one day. Now even more

    1. Glad to hear that you'd like to visit my country Claudia!

  5. Sri Lanka so colorful! Not a single color is missing from the spectrum!
    Mesmerizing scenes, all very well captured.

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    Thanks for sharing the information.I had visited Sri lanka last month and had stayed in a local homestay in Sri Lanka whichwe booked by heybnb. The owner was very helpful and helped us alot to explore the city. I must say its a very beautiful place to visit. Thanks Heybnb.For more information you can visit : http://www.heybnbworld.com/

  7. Wow such a beautiful country. I'm on a vacation to sri lanka these days

  8. The view on the sri lanka is very nice, beautiful and beautiful, so pingi going there

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