Best places to visit in Sri Lanka-Part 9 #NatureAndWild

'Best places to visit' is one of the top set of words we all search in Google before going on any trip.Here are some best places to visit in Sri Lanka you must add to your list if you are a nature or animal lover.

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So let's move on to

 'Best places to visit in Sri Lanka' #natureandwild part 2

Turtle hatchery -Turtle conservation project in Sri Lanka

Turtle hatchery in Kosgama  is an incredible place on the southern coast of the island.This turtle conservation project carrying out to protect turtle eggs, their nesting grounds and injured ones in order to conserve this endangered spices.

At the hatchery, you get the chance to watch these amazing creatures and, of course, to release a baby hatchling to the sea.Cute.

Kosgama turtle hatchery which is located near a stunning beach spot is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka if you are heading to the south of the country.

Conclusion-Kosgama turtle hatchery is a perfect place to spend time with sea turtles.


This is a tropical rain forest bounded by three rivers occupied in the wet zone in Sri Lanka. Singheraja forest was named as a UNESCO world heritage in 1988, as it plays an important role in island's ecosystem. 

The forest crowded with tall trees, woody climbers, rare and endangered plants ,and 65% of them are endemic to Sri Lanka.
Including leopards, wild boar, slumber, barking deer, porcupine, green pit viper, a lot of mammals, reptiles, insects, birds and fishes can be found on the forest floor.

Also, as I've mentioned you before Singaraja is a home for a lot of animals and that includes Leeches too!;)
So, be prepared for them.

Conclusion-Singaraja is one of the best places with an amazing biodiversity  to visit in Sri Lanka.Perfect for nature lovers, animal lovers, and photographers.Be aware of Leeches.

Horton plain

Beautiful hill tops and endless green grasslands suddenly vanish in  the mist, attract a lot of crowd to the Horton plains.The small trails lead you through the plain give you the chance to get more closer to nature and relieve yourself. 

Bakers falls, Chimmini pool and the world'end -a 3700ft sheer drop that offers you a jaw dropping view of tea estates to the southern coastline are main attractions of the place.

Horton plain is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka because of it's stunning savannah grassland landscapes and rich biodiversity.57 plant spices(29 endemics to Sri Lanka),24 mammals such as elk, deer, giant squirrel, wild boar and leopard can be found in the park. Also, a lot of endemics and migrated birds are common sights in the place.

Conclusion-Horton plains is a perfect getaway for anyone who love to get immersed in nature while stretching your muscles.Be prepared for cold weather and leeches.;)

What you'll add to your list from above three when you visit Sri Lanka? 

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Happy travels!
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  1. Heaven! marked these places in my to-do list in Sri Lanka. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You are welcome Ritisha!It's great to hear that you added these places to your bucket list in Sri Lanka!:)

  2. Loved reading your post. Srilanka has long been on our wishlist. Hope to visit soon.

    1. Wow!That's great Rashmi!I'm sure you'll find Sri Lanka really interesting!

  3. Sri lanka happens to be a perfect holiday destination with its beautiful scenarios specifically the turtle conservation is a place i would love to visit.


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