8 New year sweets in Sri Lanka

Among the sweets in Sri Lanka sweets appear in the new year festival(Avurudu festival)plays the main role in Sri Lankan sweets.If you are planning visit Sri Lanka in April, keep reading to find out some delightful new year sweets to try in Sri Lanka. 

Considering  new year as the movement of the sun from the house of Pisces to the house of Aries (beginning of a new cycle),Sri Lankans celebrate the new year in April.So, April is a festive season in Sri Lanka enriched in cultural and entertainment value.

New Year's celebration wouldn't be complete without sweet treats.Here are 8 most popular new year sweets to try in Sri Lanka.

1.Konda Keum(Oil cake)

A brown dumpling sweetened with trickle is one of the most popular new year sweet in Sri Lanka.Little bump at the top has given the name Konda( tied hair).Konda Keuma is a very tasty sweet with a hard exterior and a soft interior.

Ingredients- Rice flour,Kithul trickle,coconut oil


A yellowish sweet with different shapes is an addictive new year sweet in Sri Lanka.Kokis made by dipping in a yellowish batter covered mold in boiling coconut oil is crunchy and flaky. Some add curry leaves and half grounded chili to the batter to make it savory.

Ingredients-Rice flour,coconut milk,coconut oil,turmeric powder,salt

A diamond shaped or a square shaped sweet comes in light ash color, melts quickly in your mouth.Usually, Aluwa has a lot of cashew nuts, peanuts, and plums inside adding more taste to the Sweet.Aluwa made with coconut trickle is my favourite but rare to find.

Ingredients-Rice flour,milk,butter,Kithul tickle/coconut trickle,spices,chew nut,peanut 


Another golden brown keuma(sweet) translates to English as 'extremely tasty' is one of the famous new year sweets in Sri Lanka .Athirasa,sweeten with Kithul trickle and delighted with sesame seeds make anyone fall in love with it ,in a single bit.

Ingredients-Rice flour,Kithul trickle,sesame seed,coconut oil


A crunchy white irregular mesh topped with melted sugar is another unique new year sweet found in Sri Lanka.The Honeycomb shaped 'Aasmi' is a.....I say very interesting sweet everybody love to taste and end up eating only a half because of its size.Aasmi is a new year sweet with a very delightful taste you must try in Sri Lanka .

Ingredients-Rice flour,Davul kurundu or ladies fingers ,sugar,coconut oil

6.Mun Keum/Mun-eta Keum

This Keuma(sweet) with a brown soft core covered with a hard yellowish coat is a very famous new year sweet in Sri Lanka.Diamond shaped Mun Kewuma is a delish sweet made with Mun (green grams) and sweetened with trickle.

Ingredients-Mun Grams,rice flour,wheat flour,Kithultrickle,coconut oil,Turmeric powder 

7.Peni Walalu

A trickle filled tube curved in a shape of a spiral is an addictive and one of my favorite sweets.The yummy looking yellowish and dusty rose mixed spirals will bring water to anyone's mouth.Oh!Wish I could have one right now!:(

Ingredients-Undu(urad bean) flour,Kithul trickle,coconut oil
8.Welithalapa/Sav Dodol

Welithalapa is a very soft sweet comes in a rectangular shape with a special texture(similar to Pittu).The sweet made with Pittu and trickle is a very delightful sweet served at tea time.

Ingredients-Wheat flour,scraped coconut,Kithul or coconut trickle

If you visit Sri Lanka in April don't forget to try all of the new year sweets on the list.

What if you visit Sri Lanka before or after April? 

No worries,my friend. 

You can still find all these sweets. But they won't be that much good ,fresh and easy to find in Sri Lanka unless you know a local who knows the best house to buy these sweets.

So,what is your favourite sweet among them?Let us know in the comments.

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  1. number 7 looks like something i often see in indian restaurants here in Dubai. Very yummy but not so good for the waist! now must try the other sweets. Thanks for sharing

    1. You are welcome Slava!

      Peni walalu is also popular in some parts of India but taste of Sri Lankan Peni walalu is different from Indian ones.Anyway both are soo yummy but high in calories.Hehe!

  2. WOW! I love the sound of #3 Aluwa. I look forward to the time, maybe in a year or two when I will sail to Sri Lanka.

    1. Awesome!Hope you'll find some best sweets to try in Sri Lanka.

  3. I must try to make kokis, it looks delicious! Do you have a favourite?


    1. Hi Marteen!

      Kokis is a good choice! Kokis is one of my favourite and love Peni walalu too.;)

  4. Always interesting to see what people in other parts of the world eat. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome Justin!Thanks fro stopping by!

  5. Amazing sweets! And even more amazing new year in April :)

    1. Lol!Sri Lankan celebrate 2 new years in one year!

  6. I have never heard of any of these. I'd love to try #3. :)

    1. Most of these sweets can only be found in Sri Lanka.By the way Aluwa is definitely a good choice!;)

  7. Wow, I haven't heard of any of these but they all look delicious! Definitely wouldn't pass them up if offered :)

    1. Hope you'll get the chance to try these soon Tori!Thanks you!

  8. I have got to get to Sri Lanka! These desserts look amazing! Especially the last one. Thanks for sharing.


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