10 Interesting things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka

Planning what things to do in Kandy is a problem of most of the travelers who visit Sri Lanka.If you don’t know things to do in Kandy other than visiting the Temple of the tooth, continue reading to find out 10 interesting things to do in Kandy.

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Kandy,one of the main city attracting thousands of tourists a month in Sri Lanka with a diverse mix of Buddhist temples, lively nature,enchanting culture, and great history, has a lot of hidden attractions.

If you are looking for a tranquilizing vacation away from beaches,Kandy is the perfect place for you in Sri Lanka.These 10 things to do in Kandy are not to be missed and all of them are easily accessible.

1.Visiting Temple of the tooth
 things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
Temple of the tooth | Photo credit-Flickr.coom

You know what!This is a must visit

Most sacred temple of Sri Lankan Buddhists, where the sacred canine of Lord Buddha rests. Being honored as a UNESCO world heritage because of its cultural, archeological and architectural value, the temple of the tooth in Kandy is a perfect place to catch some true Sri Lankan traditional vibes including rituals and cultural events filled with colours.

Make sure to add this on the top of your ’things to do in Kandy’ list.If you interest in visiting temple of the tooth read this Ultimate travel guide to temple of the tooth-Kandy

Opening hours-5.30am8pm

2.Relaxing in Peradeniya botanical garden
Peradeniya botanical garden--things to do in kandy
Beautiful Peradeniya garden | Photo credit-somegoodlife.com
The garden that covers an area of 150 acres is the largest botanical garden in Sri Lanka. Colourful flowers including ,charming orchids and delicate roses, green lawns, huge sheds of trees, buzzing bees and rustling leaves will calm your soul with its rhythmic sway. 

This is a great thing to do in Kandy if you like to catch some Insta-worthy photos wandering in a beautiful tropical garden.

Opening hours-7.30am-5pm

3.Enjoying playful elephants in Pinnawala

 things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
Bathing elephants in Pinnawala elephant orphanage | Photo credit-Flickr.com
Elephant conservation project in Pinnawala is a great place to stop by on the way from Colombo to Kandy ,a home for elephants lost in the jungle. Watch them bathing in the nearby river after playing with mud and pat on their trunk while feeding them with fruits. 

Elephant orphanage in Pinnawala is a perfect spot to get closer to these majestic creatures.Read this  ultimate guide to Pinnawala elephant orphanage before you visit the place.

Opening hours-8.30am-6pm

4. The view of Kandy
 things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
Kandy city view

City of Kandy-the second largest city of Sri Lanka after Colombo, make anyone fall in love with the city,with its countrified and modern features along with the nice weather.

Go on a walk along the Kandy Lake (maybe a boat ride in the lake) and take tonnes of photos.Why not a nice hot cup of tea from a street shop and have some a delish bakery products straight out of the warmer after a little bit of shopping.

5.Immerse in peace in Gadaladeniya 
 Gadaladeniya-things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
Gadaladeniya temple | Photo credit-Wikipedia.org
A Buddhist temple with a fine structure made of stone and a calm atmosphere stands on a hilltop offering you a flawless scenic view around the place till the skyline.Gadaladeniya temple is a great place to admire some great south Indian architecture escaping the crowded attractions in Kandy.

This peaceful temple complex with amazing frescoes  and interior sculptures charms anyone who visits the place.

6.Kandy Garrison Cemetery
 garrison cemetery-things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
Garrison cemetery in Kandy | Photo credit-www.thearchives.lk

A calm and peaceful place where you can give your mind a break from the hustle bustle of the city.Garrison cemetery contains 195 graves of British who died in Sri Lanka, after British captured the Kandyan Kingdom. The peaceful greenery of the Garrison cemetery refreshes everyone visit there is eye appealing and mind relaxing . A short uphill walk from the temple of the tooth will reach the place.

7.Ceylon Tea Museum

 tea museum-things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
Ceylon tea museum | Photo credit-wikipedia.org
Wanna know how your cup of tea is madeprepared?
Then have a visit to the Ceylon tea museum in Hatanathe. This is another interesting thing to do in Kandy as the process of turning tea leaves to a tea of cup of tea is amazing.

Here you’ll get the chance to capture some tea time moments in the process of tea manufacture including the tea cultivation, its history, and old methods of tea preparation. 

The wide range of flavored tea in the place will amaze you. Taste a finest Sri Lankan cup of tea for free and buy few tea packs to taste when you return home.(only if you love the taste)

Opening hours-8.30am4.30pm TueSat, 8.30am3.30pm Sun

8.Nature walk to the Udawattekele Sanctuary  
Udawaththekele- things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
Peaceful Udawaththekele Sanctuary | Photo credit-Wikipedia.org
Walk through  the Udawattekele Sanctuary lies 15-20 min walk from the Temple of the tooth is an awesome thing to do in Kandy, to change the 'city' mode to 'nature' mode. 
Go on a Walk along the small paths, immersing yourself in peace enjoying nature while listing to the chirping birds.The garden crowded with shrubs, spices,lichens and trees is a home small mammals, birds and snakes where you'll find bliss and serenity.

Opening hours-6.30am-6pm, last tickets issued at 4.30pm

9.Visiting World Buddhist Museum
 things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
World Buddhist museum | Photo credit-serendib.btoptions

This is another interesting thing to do in Kandy that offers a unique experience in a Buddhist ambience.In World Buddhist museum you’ll learn loads of information about how Buddhism spread across the world, different Buddhist cultures and their traditions while enjoying some amazing exhibits of Buddhist countries all over the world.

Opening hours-8am-7pm
Price- 4USD

10.Cultural show
kandy cultural show- things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
Kandian dancers | Photo credit-www.flickriver.com
If you are interested in learning about Sri Lankan culture don’t miss this experience. You are not that person? It’s alright still get seated. Because at the end,you’ll love the experience.

The cultural show in Kandy-a stage full of traditional dancers, drummers and musicians saturated with warm colors will make your visit to Kandy Moment-Worthy. Walking on fire and fire dance items are the most popular features of this thrilling and entertaining show. 

You’ll find this show at YMBA and Kandy art association & cultural center in Kandy.

Open today · 9am-5pm
Price-4 USD
10 things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka
Photo credit-Bruce Thomson

Hope you enjoyed this post.If you find something useful don't forget to share this.If you already have visited  Kandy let me know what is your favourite thing to do in Kandy in the comments.

Love to know what else to do in Sri Lanka?Then go here to find out 27 best places to visit in Sri Lanka.Also,don't forget to grab your free copy of printable Sri Lanka travel packing checklist.If you have any questions about traveling Sri Lanka join my facebook group'Sri Lanka Travellers'dedicated only to help people who travel Sri Lanka.:)
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  1. I'm going to do all these things if I ever visit Sri Lanka. Looks like there's lots of cool things to do!

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful country!

    1. Thanks Tori.Thank you soo much for stopping by!:)

  3. Looks like a lot of fun :) I'll certainly check those out if I ever get to go there

  4. These photos are gorgeous, I'd love to visit Sri Lanka some day!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  5. I went to the temple, the lake, a rooftop bar to catch the view and passed by the cemetery. I wish I knew about the nature trail though!

    1. Wow! Sounds like you had a great time in Kandy though you missed the nature trails Shayan ;)

  6. Ich war mehrere Male hier, es war fantastisch !!!


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