7 Bloggers share their favourite thing to do in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka-an island filled with beauty and amazement is a perfect getaway for a mind-blowing vacation.The island rich in culture, heritage, fascinating beaches, jaw-dropping views is never let you feel bored and offers you exciting activities to engage in. And that is why most of the travelers leave the island, planning their next trip to Sri Lanka.

Here are some travel bloggers who’ve been fascinated with Sri Lanka share their ‘favorite thing to in Sri Lanka’.Enjoy the post,also don't forget to check their awesome blogs as well.

Walking along  the Galle's Fort
Rebecca  from By Rebecca Michelle

Walking along  the Galle's Fort

Walk along the ramparts of Galle's Fort, which was built by the Portuguese and enlarged by the Dutch.

I love being able to see for miles across the ocean, as well as sit and watch the waves that crash into the walls of the Fort. The breeze is beautiful and the air smells like salt and sand.

From the top of the ramparts, you can see beautiful views of the rooftops of Galle, and the churches and mosques that are prominent throughout the city. It's also fun to climb down the stairs leading from the top of the ramparts to go down to the beach!

Exploring Sri Lankan food
Roxanne from www.thetinytaster.com 

Sri Lankan food

Sri Lanka is beautiful with its beaches and lovely friendly folks but my absolute favourite thing to do there would def have to be eating and exploring their food.

I love exploring local food and Sri Lankan cuisine is delicious. It's similar to some South Indian dishes I'm used to but nowhere near the same. Full of spice and flavour and great seafood as well. The curries, hoppers, string hoppers, different sambals and not to mention exquisite seafood. It's also great fun to take a local cooking class and learn how to prepare some of these dishes.

Hiking in the Hill Country
Cansel from Citizen on Earth

Hiking in the Hill Country srilanka
The scenic train ride took me to the beautiful Hill Country of Sri Lanka and I truly fall in love with the breathtaking views. Hiking in Horton Plains near to Nuwara Eliya and looking down from the World's End was just magical (and a little scary too : ) ) 

Hiking around Ella, to Nine Arch Bridge and to Little Adam's Peak were unique experiences, not only the nature and the views, but also the kind people made my hiking experience in Sri Lanka very special.

Visiting Horton Plains
Doria from Doria Travels

Horton Plains,Sri Lanka

Visiting Horton Plains If you plan on visiting Sri Lanka, make sure you put Horton Plains in your schedule. This unusual place is not to be missed.

I have personally been here 5 times and always look forward to going back. It's just an hour-and-a-half drive from Nuwara Eliya and the views to the plateau are well worth it at sunrise!One can never get tired of its exotic breathtaking scenery.

Spending time in Tallala beach
Natasha von Geldern from World Wandering Kiwi

Tallala beach,Sri Lanka

The Wandering Kiwi family had a wonderful time travelling in Sri Lanka and of the many highlights the favourite was probably the time we spent at Talalla Beach.

 This is surprising because I am not a 'beach person' - just look at my pale skin - and would usually much rather be in the mountains or exploring a historic city. Talalla is special. It is quiet and unspoilt. You can barely see any of the handful of accommodations from the beach as they are tucked away behind the trees. There were a sprinkling of European travellers and more domestic beachgoers. 

As a New Zealander I can't bear busy beaches crowded with sun loungers and hawkers. I like time at a beach to be a natural, nature-filled experience, and Talalla was all that for us. A crescent of golden sand backed by lush jungle and of course the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

 Climbing Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya Rock

Climbing Sigiriya Rock, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, made me nervous. Knowing I would climb approximately 1000 steps in the humidity of Sri Lanka, I was worried I wouldn’t make it! Luckily I sucked it up and did the climb. It was nowhere near as bad as I expected and without breaking a sweat I was in awe of the glorious views of the Sri Lankan surrounds. Climb Sigiriya Rock; you won’t regret it

Spending a perfect day in Galle
Ankie from ankie renique's blog


My favourite thing to do in Sri Lanka definitely has to be waking up early, having a Sri Lankan breakfast of string hoppers, bread, dhal, kiri hodhi, eggs and pol sambol, followed by a tuk-tuk ride along the coast to Jungle Beach in Unawatuna for a morning swim before the crowds arrive. 

After that I love going for lunch in Galle Fort - in the Dutch Hospital or one of the quaint restaurants in the atmospheric streets with their Dutch architecture. Then after lunch some shopping in the Fort or just a good walk to enjoy the sea air before heading back home to Hikkaduwa for a sundowner on the beach. A perfect day!
7 Bloggers share their favourite thing to do in Sri Lanka
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So,what is your favourite thing to do in Sri Lanka?Let us know in the comments.

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