13 Must join Facebook groups for travellers who visit Sri Lanka

Join these Sri Lanka travel facebook groups and receive answers and advice from fellow travellers and travel experts in Sri Lanka. 
13 Must join Facebook groups for travellers who visit Sri Lanka

Dreaming about travelling Sri Lanka while scrolling down through amazing photos of Sri Lanka is so much fun.Yet planning your trip to Sri Lanka is a complicated process many travellers don't enjoy.-Because the information you find on the internet about travelling Sri Lanka won't give you all the answers you are looking for when planning your holidays in Sri Lanka

This is where you will find fellow traveller's advice and experience helpful.

Facebook is a great online space to find inspirations, learn travel tips and receive advice from like-minded people. Here, I put together a list of 
Sri Lanka travel Facebook groups full of travellers and travel experts in Sri Lanka that support each other and share valuable information and their experience. 

1.Backpackers of Sri Lanka

Going with the tagline 'Join us to discover the Undiscovered' this group is one of the most active groups dedicated to helping travellers who visit Sri Lanka.


You will find promotional posts and offers here are there.Yet it's a very helpful  group I highly recommend you to join when you are planning your trip to Sri Lanka.

Promotional posts -Yes

2.Backpacking India Nepal Sri Lanka Maldives

This is a group where you can find more than 10k like-minded travellers who help each other and share their knowledge on travelling India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Promotional posts -No

3.Sri Lanka Travellers

Here comes the travel community of Travel Me Sri Lanka, where you can receive a genuine help and answers to your Sri Lanka travel related questions from fellow travellers and travel experts in Sri Lanka.

Promotional posts-No [Though the group doesn't allow promotional posts , you might find one or two on the top.Because I'm the admin and sometimes it takes a one or two day's for me to delete spams and promotions posts.Hope you can tolerate it ;) ]

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4.Travel Guide,operator  And Hospitality community in Sri Lanka

A  place for travel personals in Sri Lanka mostly discuss the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.Plus this is a great place to get answers to your Sri Lanka travel questions and find some travel deals.

Promotional posts -Yes

Nature and wildlife related Facebook groups in Sri Lanka 

5.Yala National Park -  Sri Lanka

Though the aim of the group is to share photos, discussion topics about wildlife in Sri Lanka for abroad living Sri Lankans to enjoy, you can find tonnes of Sri Lanka wildlife travel inspirations on 'Yala National Park -  Sri Lanka'.

Promotional posts -Yes

6.Sri Lanka Birding Circle

Are you in love with bird watching or bird photography?

This community is especially for you.

Promotional posts -No

7.Wildlife Photography Sri Lanka 

Any wildlife enthusiasts?

Then, joining this group is a must.Here you will find amazing wildlife photos shared by local photographers that you can enjoy and get inspired from.

Promotional posts -No

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8.Waterfall in Sri Lanka -- ලංකාවේ දියඇලි

Enjoy some breathtaking water Falls in Sri Lanka surrounded by pristine nature and feel the warmth of the sun, no matter how cold your home is. The community completely dedicated to sharing photos of waterfalls in Sri Lanka (mostly by locals )will show you how awesome your trip to Sri Lanka going to be.

Promotional posts -No

Dedicated(mostly) to Promotional and advertising.

These groups get several new exclusive Sri Lanka travel offers a day which can help you find best travel deals.If you are looking for hot deals make sure you join the below list.

9.Sri Lanka Travel Mate

10.Sri Lanka Traveler's Community

11.Sri Lanka Travel Professional Club

12.Sri Lanka Travel and Tourism

13.TravelWinds 360 Sri Lanka

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